Interim Manager Expertise

So, what kind of expertise should an Interim Manager
have and how do I recognise if the Interim Manager
is the right one for me?

Well, first off all, he should be someone you can see as an extended part of your team, and with whom you can have the occasional laugh about business life.

Professional Competence

An Interim Manager hits the ground running;
hence he should have a broad business experience, bringing in knowledge from different fields, as well as a broad organisation experience of different departments and their interactionary processes & co-dependencies.

He should have strong capabilities & possibilities of IT & process automation, including realising opportunities of future technologies for long-term planning. As part of his fasttrack capabilities, he should be experienced in modern techniques, such as Design Thinking, Lean Thinking and Kickstart Methods.

So as to uphold organisational and service delivery stability, while delivering fasttrack solutions the Interim Manager should have much experience in Change Management while also having a leadership & coaching skillset to take employees with him on the journey of IT & organisational change.

Personal Competence

An Interim Manager needs to be open minded and highly flexible for the different situations, cultures and roles he may encounter.

He should also bring intercultural workplace knowledge & experience for working with multi-national teams and cross-departmental projects.

He should bring strong analytical and abstract thinking techniques as well as high communication & networking skills for all personnel levels, while being able to understand the needs of all stakeholders and participants.

An Interim Manager needs to have a strong inner motivation and personal initiative, and be solution driven with a “can do” attitude. He thinks analytically, is process orientated and is flexible in his work and solution styles.

All-in-all, an Interim Manager needs to be a swiss army knife of the management world, as motivated and fast operating as a fire fighter, with the knowledge, experience and personal competency for every eventuality.